4 Treasury Place Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in Melbourne, including offices of former Governors-General

Administered items Assets, liabilities, revenues or expenses that are controlled by the Commonwealth Government but managed by the Office on the Government's behalf

Administrator, the Person (conventionally, the longest serving State Governor) appointed by The Queen to administer the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia when the Governor-General is overseas or ill, or the position of Governor-General is vacant

Admiralty House, Sydney The Governor-General's official residence at Kirribilli in Sydney

APS Australian Protective Services

capital use charge Dividend requirement levied on Commonwealth agencies based on changes in the value of net assets

CEIs Chief Executive Instructions

credentials ceremony Ceremony in which a newly appointed foreign Ambassador or High Commissioner to Australia formally presents his or her credentials

Departmental items Assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses which are controlled by the agency in providing its outputs

FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1982

gazettal regulations Rules, officially approved and published in the Commonwealth special gazette series which set out service and actions that may qualify citizens for various award types.

General Division of the Order of Australia That section of awards in the Order of Australia through which community members may be recognised

Government House, Canberra The Governor-General's official residence at Yarralumla in Canberra

heritage property A property with particular aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or other values, listed on the Register of the National Estate

ICON and Ministerial Communications networks Computer networks operated as private networks for the Government and departmental agencies

investiture ceremony Ceremony in which the Governor-General presents Australian Honours and Awards System awards

long service awards Awards made in recognition of long, diligent or efficient service usually in uniformed service occupations

meritorious awards Awards where a recipient is assessed as having gone above and beyond normal expectations of achievement

OH&S occupational health and safety

official activities Functions hosted by the Governor-General or Administrator at Government House, Admiralty House or 4 Treasury Place

PSCC Protective Security Coordination Centre

PSF Performance Support Framework

Their Excellencies The Governor-General and spouse

WalterTurnbull The Office's internal audit contractors



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