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The QEII Garden

A new garden will commemorate Queen Elizabeth The Second's reign and legacy of selfless service, compassion for others and commitment to duty.

As the Governor-General said at the National Memorial to mark her passing:

Those are values to which we can ascribe and aspire to.

They are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago.

They will be as relevant in 70 years’ time as they are today.

That is Her Majesty’s enduring gift to us all.

The QEII Garden, to be constructed in coming years, will be a lasting tribute to The Queen's connection to Australia, her many visits to each part of our country and her lifetime of service. 


a watercolour painting of a garden
An artist impression of the QEII garden

The garden will include a contemplative garden for each of the States and Territories. The floral emblem of each state and territory will be represented in each garden either in sculpture, engraving or (where achievable) the cultivation of the plant itself. 

A computer generated image - aerial view of garden beds
An aerial impression of the layout of the state and territory themed gardens within the garden

The sculpture Coming Together, Moving Forward, Standing Tall will be a centerpiece of the garden - a unique piece of contemporary Australia reflecting The Queen's ongoing legacy and example.

As Her Majesty herself, said in 2000: ‘We must look forward as well as back. Australia has always been a country on the move and will go on being so. It is not for nothing that the anthem is Advance Australia Fair.’

a group of people pose for a photo in a garden bed
The Governor-General, Mrs Hurley, artist Adam Humphreys and
students from Backtrack unveiling the sculpture