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Australian Bravery Decorations

The Governor-General has announced 52 Australian Bravery Decorations to recognise the courageous acts of 48 people.

“The individuals being recognised today deserve to be celebrated by our entire nation. In a dangerous situation each recipient was brave, selfless and put their own safety at risk to help someone else,” the Governor-General said.

Australian Bravery Decorations recognise acts of bravery where people selflessly put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others.

“Each of today’s recipients found themselves in a dangerous situation – be it a fire, hazardous waters or witness to a conflict. Each comes from a different background and circumstance. There is, though, a common characteristic that speaks to who they are as individuals and to the very best of our community – they were selfless and put others before themselves.

“They are inspirational and I thank them for their bravery and congratulate them for the recognition they are receiving today.”

The following decorations are being awarded:

Bravery Medal: 10 (1 person also awarded the Group Bravery Citation)

Commendation for Brave Conduct: 31 (3 people also awarded the Group Bravery Citation)

Group Bravery Citation: 2 groups (11 people including 1 person from a previous Group Bravery Citation)

“Some of today’s recipients are no longer with us. Their loved ones should know that Australia is both grateful and proud of their actions,” the Governor-General said.

Two Australian Bravery lists are announced every year. The independent Australian Bravery Decorations Council makes recommendations to the Governor-General regarding who should be recognised and at what level of award.