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International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, the Governor-General has encouraged Australians to consider nominating an outstanding woman in their lives to be recognised through the Order of Australia.

“On International Women’s Day we celebrate the achievements of women in our community.

“It is also a day to choose to challenge ourselves.

“One of my priorities is to ensure more outstanding Australian women are celebrated through the Order of Australia.

“The Order is our preeminent means of recognition – the way that we as a nation say ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ and single out individuals who make an outstanding contribution to our community. People don’t put their hand up to be recognised and they’re not selected. They’re nominated by peers and considered and recommended by an independent Council.

“Many, many outstanding women are recognised and celebrated each year.

“Their contributions and backgrounds are diverse but without exception they are inspirational and have made a remarkable difference to our nation.

"But for too long women have been underrepresented in the system. Fewer women are nominated for recognition and that means fewer receive the recognition that they deserve.

“It isn’t right and I’m determined to change it. I need your help.

“This International Women’s Day, as you consider how to choose to challenge I have a request: go to my website, read about how to nominate someone for recognition and take the time to make a submission.

“It is a step that we can all take and a step that will mean women in our community who make a difference are recognised and celebrated.”