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International Women's Day

The Governor-General and Mrs Hurley recorded a video message for International Women's Day.

Governor-General: On International Women’s Day we celebrate the contributions and achievements of women in our community.

It is also an occasion to focus on the country we aspire to be, the importance of gender equity and the tangible steps we can all take to get there.

Mrs Hurley: David and I are privileged to meet women in leadership and community roles across our country.

We see the impact they have in ways big and small, in every part of our community and facet of life.

Some are celebrated and recognised; many are not.

But, they are all inspiring.

Governor-General: These interactions reaffirm my view that we are a good people who work hard, look out for each other and are not afraid to take on the big challenges.

We are a country to be proud of.

We are also not a finished product.

Through our day-to-day actions, we are all shaping what Australia will look like going forward.

That’s important when we think about gender equality.

Mrs Hurley: International Women’s Day is also a time to choose to challenge ourselves — to reflect on the gains we have made towards gender equality, recognise what remains, and act.

Governor-General: One simple action we can all take is to nominate a woman who has made a significant impact – be it at the local, national or international level – for recognition through the Order of Australia.

We know there are more women out there who could be recognised if someone were to nominate them.

Mrs Hurley: Nominating is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the women whose contributions inspire us.

Governor-General: Our national honours must reflect our community and we need more women to be nominated.

It is a step we can all take and a step that will mean women in our community who make a difference are recognised and celebrated.