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Launch of the 2021 Bravery Trek, Government House


I begin by acknowledging that Government House sits on the land of the Ngunnawal People here in the ACT. If you’re a Canberran, you’ll know what a beautiful part of the country this is. We thank them for looking after it for us, for generation after generation, and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Welcome to Government House for the launch of the 2021 Bravery Trek.

It has been a long time since I said the words ‘Welcome to Government House’. It is great to be hosting live events at Yarralumla again.

Linda and I are delighted to have you here for what is an important event during an important week on our national calendar.

We’re here to launch the 2021 Bravery Trek. The Trek is being held during Veterans’ Health Week, the theme of which this year is ‘Get moving’. What better way to get moving than by participating in the Bravery Trek and supporting our veterans.

The message behind the Bravery Trek is not so much the feat of walking, running or wheeling 100 kilometres but what transpires during the course of doing it, particularly in the teams. It is about staying active and well, and staying connected.

The Bravery Trust was established to support veterans who sustained illness or injury while serving in the contemporary wars.

Seventy per cent of those who reach out to Bravery Trust are aged 50 years or younger.

The Trust provides an immediate safety net for veterans facing financial hardship, but also has a mission to empower veterans and improve lives.

Its financial counselling service provides veterans and their families with new skills and the confidence to build a better future.

This year’s Trek of ‘100 kilometres for 100 years’, honours the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Linda and I have teamed up. So, ‘get moving’ people!

We have 50 days to complete the challenge. I hope that many Australians form teams, get out there, and discuss the issues that are in front of us.

Australia owes a great deal to the men and women who serve in uniform, and to their families. This is particularly poignant at the moment, in light of the fall of Kabul in August and evacuation from Afghanistan.

They should be proud of their service. We are proud of them. They did as their nation asked. They should be confident and assured that their efforts are valued.

At the same time, it is critically important that anyone doing it tough reach out for help. There is no weakness in reaching out. Help is there and it is waiting for you.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge a few groups of people:

To all involved with the Bravery Trust and Veterans’ Health Week – for the great work you do for our veterans.

To the sponsors  of this year’s Bravery Trek – it is thanks to your support that all funds raised through the Trek can go to veterans in need.

And to all who are going to participate in the Trek – thank you for supporting our veterans.

I encourage all Australians who haven’t done so already to go to the Bravery Trust website and sign up to do the Trek. You’ll be supporting a great cause.

It is now my great pleasure to launch the 2021 Bravery Trek.