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Launch of 'The economic impact of stroke in Australia, 2020' report [virtual event]


I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and pay my respects to their elders, past and present.

Linda and I are delighted to be with you for today’s launch of ‘The economic impact of stroke in Australia, 2020’ report.

I want to acknowledge the wonderful work of the Stroke Foundation in advocating on behalf of the stroke community for improved health outcomes, and to thank Deloitte Access Economics for compiling the report.

The report provides a quantified analysis of the cost of stroke in Australia. We know the human cost — the individual stories — but thanks to this report we know the cumulative economic and societal costs. This report will be enormously valuable.

Stroke attacks the brain and changes lives in an instant. Lives that are forever altered — for both the individual who experienced the stroke and their loved ones. One stroke occurs every 19 minutes — that means three Australians will experience a stroke for the first time in their lives during the course of this event. Stroke does not discriminate.

While this report quantifies the impacts of stroke, it’s important to recognise that behind these numbers are real lives — survivors of stroke, their family, carers and community. Shortly we’ll hear from Bill and Denise Vernon, who’ll share their very personal stroke experience with us.

This report contains rich data that will help guide the Stroke Foundation, governments, health services and researchers into the future. It will help inform debate and public policy.

I again commend all at the Stroke Foundation and Deloitte Access Economics for producing this report.

Stroke can be prevented and it can be treated. Innovations in treatments mean stroke is no longer a death sentence for many. But, for survivors of stroke, the recovery journey can be long and challenging. It requires a whole-of-community effort.

Thank you to all of you — clinicians, health professionals, researchers, Stroke Foundation Board and Committee members, supporters, staff and volunteers — for the work you are doing to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

It is now my great pleasure to officially launch ‘The economic impact of stroke in Australia, 2020’ report.