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Opening of PCYC Walgett, Walgett NSW


Today we are all meeting together on Gamilaroi Country. We acknowledge and pay our respects to their elders, past and present and emerging. 

Good morning, all.

Linda and I are delighted to be back in Walgett and with you on such a significant day in the life of the PCYC Walgett.

Today, PCYC Walgett officially becomes a Multipurpose Youth and Community Centre.

It’s a fabulous facility and will be a wonderful community resource for the people of Walgett and the surrounding region.

I’m informed the Centre has been up and running now for two weeks. Today, I’m proud to preside over its official opening.

Some of you in the audience today might recall that Linda and I were here for the opening of the former PCYC Walgett, in the demountable building, back in September 2015.

Seeing firsthand what a success PCYC Walgett has become is incredibly inspiring and a credit to all involved.

Linda and I have had a long association with the PCYC over the years, both when I was Governor of New South Wales and Patron of PCYC NSW and, now, as Governor-General.

PCYC NSW has 66 clubs across the state, sitting at the heart of the communities they serve.

The vision of PCYC is a partnership between the Police and the community to empower young people to reach their potential.

When I think about that vision and the positive impact that PCYC Walgett has on young people, I think what PCYC is saying to young people is:

‘This is a safe place to be yourself. We don’t mind what journey you’ve been on thus far; you are a good person and have potential. If you want to make a change we will support you and provide some life skills to empower you to choose the path you desire.’

That’s a very strong message to send to a young person who may otherwise be unable to see options or positive paths to take.

It’s a message of hope, and I want to thank Dominic Teakle, Amanda Cheal and the PCYC team for all the wonderful work they are doing.

This Centre is fuelled by a big heart.

Amanda, as Club Manager, and Youth Command Police and the community, have embraced PCYC’s purpose.

They have provided a place where young people feel safe.

They have a provided a place where young people can better themselves.

They have provided a place that gives young people a voice and the confidence to succeed.

And it is working!

PCYC Walgett programs such as ‘Rise up’, ‘Friday night we’re alright’ and ‘Nations of Origin’, as well as Blue Star Leadership camps, help young people see a positive path forward.

These programs help promote school attendance, allow young people to work off fines, assist in getting more young people their licences, and help young people gain meaningful employment including working at PCYC.

PCYC programs work. They work because of the people in the engine room – good people, who care about the wellbeing of others. 

Thanks again to everyone involved in supporting this facility to come to fruition.

It will provide a place to belong, a place to be proud of, and a place that brings people together to celebrate Walgett’s rich Aboriginal culture.

It’s now my great pleasure to open the new Multipurpose Youth and Community Centre that is PCYC Walgett.