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Alexandrea Cannon OAM

Mentoring and bringing business skills to others is what drives Alexandrea Cannon OAM. She has worked with and volunteered for a wide range of groups over many years. Her focus has been in sharing her expertise and insights to improve the governance and business capacity of industry, academia and community groups alike.

Alexandrea Cannon OAM

“Many years ago, someone helped me to believe in myself and achieve more than I thought I could. I like to do this for others. So, being able to apply my skills and knowledge to improve the lives of individuals and the performance of organisations gives meaning and purpose to how I engage with the world.”

“I am most proud of coaching and developing individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.”

This has special resonance for Ms Cannon after surviving two different cancers over a ten year period. “Remaining a positive, active contributor to society and a number of not-for-profits has been very rewarding.”

The support of her family has been central to her motivation, especially partner Bill and sister Jo.

“And my late mother Mere Gallnor who modelled the way to step up and make a difference when you believe in something.”