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Claire Gazis OAM

A passion for and commitment to telling the stories of the Greek and Cypriot people who came to Australia particularly during the 1950s and 1960s has been the main driver for Claire Gazis OAM, who has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia.  

Claire Gazis smiling

“I wanted to build knowledge and understanding in the Australian community of our shared culture and help cultivate strong ties not just with each other but to Australia.”   

Sharing her research and knowledge about the Greek and Cypriot community is very satisfying.    

“I feel a purpose to share what I know so that everyone benefits. No request is too big or too small, I see the value in connecting with my community, learning, and growing together for collective joy and fulfilment.”   

Mrs Gazis worked for more than thirty years at Neos Kosmos, the Australian Greek and Cyprus community news site and publication and built up wide-reaching connections, reporting on and recording activities and developments throughout the country.  She is still a contributor.  

“I enjoy and feel proud to be a member of our multicultural community and it is moving to be appreciated for what I have spent so much of my life in Australia doing.”   

“Above all, I feel that any recognition strengthens my drive and sense of responsibility to do more for the community.”   

Special mention from Mrs Gazis goes to her late husband Nikolaos. "I feel gratitude to him because he gave me the space and understanding to expand my volunteer work. A special thank you to the Editor in Chief of Neos Kosmos, for allowing me the opportunity to balance my obligations at the newspaper with my time working in the community. I am also grateful to Dennis Patisteas OAM, Business Director, for his support; and of course to my family.”