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Dr Michael Tedeschi AM

When the new ANU Medical School began in 2002, Dr Michael Tedeschi AM designed the syllabus on drug and alcohol education that was to be used for the students. Since then, he has taught every batch of students coming through.

”If those students are well educated following graduation, they themselves then have the tools and skills to better treat their own patients with drug and alcohol issues. In that way, I have indirectly assisted many more patients that I can possibly treat myself. I think that’s a big impact.” 

In addition to feeling honoured and humbled to be appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia award, Dr Tedeschi hopes the recognition of his work goes some way to shining a light on the many others around Australia working in the drug and alcohol field – from clinical workers to researchers.

“It is an incredibly stimulating and intellectually challenging field to work in. It’s never boring! Not many doctors in the many other areas of medicine have a good understanding of the complex issues involved in treating patients with drug and alcohol problems,” Dr Tedeschi says. 

“We do a lot of work to assist, educate and support other doctors in their understanding so that they, in turn, can better assist their own patients.”