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Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare OAM

“Empowering others to own their story and speak their truth is at the heart of what I do,” says journalist Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare OAM. “As a migrant to Australia, I am grateful that my journalistic practice has found a home in a country that’s aligned with my values, and believes in what I do.”

Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare OAM

Acknowledging her supporters, Dr Mascall-Dare says, “So many people have supported my work and continue to do so. As well as my family, I’m grateful to my former colleagues at the BBC World Service, the ABC and The Age, and currently, in the Australian Defence Force; the University of South Australia; Military and Emergency Service Health Australia and the Life on the Line podcast team who continue to support the work I do today.”

“As a journalist and communications specialist, I’ve been able to apply my skills in ways I’d never thought possible, raising awareness of individual stories and issues that are worthy of our care and attention.”

She specifically notes that she is very proud of her family. “My husband Paul, and our two grown up children Brad and Cloud … and what we’ve managed to achieve individually and together after emigrating to Australia 23 years ago.”

“I’m grateful that the stories I’ve shared, and the people who’ve trusted me to share those stories, have achieved recognition through the honour within the Order of Australia.”