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Giles Gunesekera OAM

Paying credit to his parents and their courage in leaving Sri Lanka for a life in Australia, Giles Gunesekera OAM says that he has always been thankful for the life he has been gifted.

Giles Gunesekera OAM

“I will always be grateful to them for the enormous sacrifice they made for their family.”

Recognised for his contribution through a variety of volunteering roles, Mr Gunesekera has worked tirelessly with a range of community groups and professional financial services organisations to improve the lives of others.

“I believe in the rights of every human being, but injustice and discrimination endure. I fight for those that face barriers in fighting for themselves.”

“The recognition through an Order of Australia demonstrates that commitment, dedication and altruism are national values to be recognised and celebrated.”

“This award also highlights that people of colour and their successful migrant stories are deeply Australian and worthy of being honoured.”

“I never anticipated that my voluntary service would one day be recognised in such an amazing way.”