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Katherine Leeming OAM

A member of the internationally renowned The Explorer’s Club, Katherine Leeming OAM has achieved so much already in her career as an adventurer, explorer, author, producer and educator. 

Kate Leeming OAM

She considers the ‘2010 Breaking the Cycle in Africa’ her biggest achievement to date.  

It was the first bicycle crossing of the African continent in a continuous line, from its most westerly to its most easterly points.  

“I arrived at Cape Hafun, Somalia four days ahead of schedule, after cycling 22,000 km through 20 countries in ten months. I had no significant injuries or illnesses and had achieved all of the key missions.” 

She was motivated to do the trip to explore the causes and effects of extreme poverty; “… specifically what is being done to give a 'leg up' rather than a 'hand out',” she said. 

Miss Leeming was also the first woman to cycle across the new Russia in 1993, from St Petersburg to Vladivostok, in aid of the children of Chernobyl and in 2004/2005 she completed the Great Australian Cycle Expedition, a 25,000km journey that was Australia's first official activity for UNESCO's Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.  

Since 2013, in preparation for her planned bicycle crossing of the Antarctic continent via the South Pole, Miss Leeming has completed cycle expeditions on every continent on Earth either in polar conditions, on sand or at altitude.  

“I am excited to apply my skills and determination in my cycle expeditions, and creating the subsequent blogs, books, films, presentations and articles, to inspire positive actions in others.” 

“This recognition through the Order of Australia affirms that my commitment to projects over the last 30 years is significant and appreciated at a national level.”  

“Travelling by bicycle gives a great sense of place,” says Miss Leeming, “and offers a realistic perspective of how the world fits together.” 

“There is still much more to do!”