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Kristy Chong OAM

Driven by a desire to give people more sustainable and comfortable ways to manage bodily leaks, Kristy Chong OAM’s Modibodi patented fibre technologies are actually changing people’s lives.

A woman wearing a pink coat and white shirt leaning against a wall

The super absorbent leak-proof apparel has been scaled into a globally recognised, multimillion dollar brand within eight years, making a huge difference to people’s lives, including the donation of products to women in need. 

“I also wanted to champion better conversations around bodily leaks, and to help people live a life within their own values and without limitations,” she says. 

Describing her reaction to being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia as being shocked and very emotional, Kristy has herself recognised others for their support. 

“There’re so many people, including my husband James, my four children, mum Robyn Lassman, advisors Diana and Bill, and Liana – one of my first employees. And of course, the thousands of customers and supporting actors who helped to shape and build Modibodi.”