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Mary Seefried AM

For a field of endeavour to operate to a high standard, it’s best practice to have a sound set of policies and structure to support it. Dressage and equestrian sports are no different.

Mary Seefried AM

Mary Seefried AM has been recognised for her significant service to equestrian sports, particularly in supporting the Australian equestrian community to meet the highest international standards.  Instigating a policy and structure for dressage official education in Australia which was recognised in 2022 by the international sporting body (FEI - Federation Equestre Internationale) is a significant achievement for Mrs Seefried.

“Australian officials who are educated under this system are well prepared to achieve international qualifications.  It makes it worthwhile that succession planning for the next generation of officials can flourish.”

She acknowledges the significant time and effort this work has required, and paid thanks to family and colleagues. “Without my family’s tolerance of my passion and allowing me time out to be active on committees and travel for my own education none of this would have been possible.  Secondly my colleagues on various committees over many years – they are a great team and so supportive and helpful.”

Of her appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia, Mrs Seefried is both honoured and humbled, “that others had thought highly enough of me to nominate me.”