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Patricia Ellis OAM

Patricia Ellis OAM thinks her greatest achievement is, “being recognised as a highly respected Aboriginal elder with extensive cultural knowledge within my community.” She has assisted in revitalising the local Aboriginal Dhurga language, which she now teaches in school settings from pre-school right through to TAFE students.

Patricia Ellis OAM

“I am passionate about supporting my culture and community. I believe the best way to make positive change is by setting an example. I get immeasurable joy from being able to make a difference.” 

“And I honestly believe that sharing our culture and showing people how amazing our culture is will change people's attitude.” 

Patricia works to educate people about Aboriginal culture through a range of services and activities including cultural training, bush foods and medicine knowledge and engages with clients from government, non-government departments, and businesses.  

“I employ other Aboriginal consultants to help as well.” 

She’s also involved in a wide range of community and local government groups such as Eurobodalla Aboriginal Advisory Committee as well as New South Wales Aboriginal Languages Trust Board. 

“I'm actually involved in as many things as I can where I get an opportunity to help advance things for Aboriginal people and lift the profile of Aboriginal people.” 

“I am a very proud mother and grandmother and want the world to be a better place for them and future generations. They have always been my motivation.” 

Ms Ellis extends her thanks to the person who nominated her for recognition in the Order of Australia, and to her daughter and grandchildren.  

“I'm actually thinking that I might nominate other people now. I know so many people who've given their life to making things better for other people, and that is really admirable. “