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Rosemary Curtis OAM

Rosemary Curtis OAM has been helping her community for over sixty years, and it is this contribution that is being recognised through the award of a Medal of the Order of Australia. 

A portrait of Rosemary Curtis OAM

“I’ve always helped people my whole life, beginning from when I had to hide my younger siblings from welfare during the fifties. Black or white, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve needed a safe place to stay, food, a lift, I’ve always been there for my community.” 

As a director on the Pathfinders Board for ten years Ms Curtis says, “I’ve been able to influence decisions that improve the lives of Indigenous people in the areas we work. Education, employment, refuge and cultural connection are all important.” 

Pathfinders operates a broad suite of programs, projects and services aiming to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for children, youth and families in the local community. 

Rosemary says, “I was shocked but really chuffed that someone had taken the time to nominate me for this honour! Do I deserve this? Wow!” 

She thanks a very long list of supporters in all of the communities where she has lived, including in and around Glen Innes/Ngoorabul. 

“The list is really, really long. I have to start with my family – I couldn’t do it without them. And then of course, the CEO of Pathfinders, Alan Brennan, along with local council staff, and councillors, politicians, and members of the communities.”