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Selvarajah Muraledaran OAM

With a focus on improving access to quality education for Sri Lankan Tamils in Australia, Selvarajah Muraledaran OAM says his recognition with an honour within the Order of Australia is not his honour alone.  

Selvarajah Muraledaren OAM

“It is a testament to the work of many important volunteers who have worked to establish community focused schools.”

“Education has the greatest potential to improve the future of children in the Australian Sri Lankan Tamil Community.” 

“Many Sri Lankan Tamils continue to face significant challenges. My focus has been improving access to quality education. This has the greatest potential to improve our children’s futures.”

 “I am proud of the fact that there are now children who can get to school, be properly fed, and resourced to focus on their studies. They were not previously able to do so. To have played a part in the establishment of these schools has been one of the great honours of my life.”

 Mr Muraledaran says that all migrants have a special bond to their birth nation. 

“I want to celebrate this. I believe multiculturalism adds to and does not remove from my Australian identity.”

As well as thanking colleagues and supporters in his work, Mr Muraledaran is also grateful to his wife and children who support him in the enormous time commitment involved in his community work.