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Dr Shellie Morris AO

Given the power of music to break through barriers, Dr Shellie Morris has gone one step further, using music to celebrate First languages and opening up lines of communication and understanding.  

“Seeing all the young talent who sing in language bursting onto the music scene is one of the greatest impacts of my work. It is due in part to the work I and others like me have done over the past twenty years.” 

Dr Shellie Morris AO smiling at camera, wearing t shirt with green writing
Image LaVonne Bobongie

“Working to create platforms for First languages to be shared through music has had a positive impact on the next generation of artists – especially females – in a real and tangible way.” 

Dr Morris is passionate about working with communities all over Australia to create work in language. “It gives an authenticity which will leave a lasting legacy.”  

She also enjoys being able to guide and help determine how communities work together to create these musical works. “It is very enriching to have the profile and agency to involve language custodians and bring them into school settings, and in other community spaces, to ensure the work is done correctly and with depth.” 

“I do what I do because I love it and am passionate about sharing culture through song and music. It’s genuinely humbling to think that this value is being recognised.” 

“I would like to thank all those I have worked with in the past, the hundred or so communities who have invited me to help keep their languages strong and of course my team around me that assists me in carrying out this work.”