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Social Media

The Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General administers both Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Office also administers the Australian Honours and Awards Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Follow these accounts for:

  • pictures and videos of events
  • excerpts and recordings of the Governor-General's speeches
  • video messages and announcements
  • information about the Australian Honours and Awards 
  • behind the scenes content from Government House and Admiralty House.

Moderation guidelines

The Moderation Guidelines apply to all social media accounts managed by the Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General. The Moderation Guidelines are in addition to the Terms of Service of each social media platform.

Social media accounts are moderated during business hours.

Content which is irrelevant, pornographic, discriminatory, hateful or threatening, and actions which may offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate will not be responded to and may be removed.

When contributing your questions and comments, we encourage you to:

  • Protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information about yourself or others (such as names, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers). Posts or comments containing personal information will be hidden or removed.
  • Post material that is relevant to the topics and issues being discussed
  • Represent your own views and do not impersonate or falsely represent any other person.

We will never respond to, but may report, remove or block posts or users that:

  • Abuse, harass or threaten others
  • Racially or religiously vilify others
  • Incite, induce or aid violence, discriminate, harass, victimise or provoke hatred towards others, or are likely to offend, insult or humiliate others, particularly on the basis of their race, colour, descent, national origin, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or any disability
  • Make defamatory or libellous comments
  • Use insulting, provocative or hateful language or images
  • Use obscene or offensive language or images
  • Use material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others
  • Are multiple versions of the same view to the forum
  • Promote commercial interests
  • Promote personal and professional interests
  • Are overtly party political comments (e.g. reference to candidates, fundraisers, support for political parties)
  • Incite, encourage or make reference to conduct that may constitute a criminal or civil offence or otherwise violate Australian law
  • constitute 'trolling' or is deliberately disruptive or provocative.

The Office does not undertake to inform users when their comments and posts are moderated, or when users are suspended or blocked (this will occur, for example, when a user regularly and consistently submits inappropriate content).

We encourage you to have open and honest discussions whilst being respectful of your fellow users.

The best way to contact the Governor-General is via this page (not via social media message).