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Tim Low AM

From a young age, Tim Low AM has been dedicated to nature and its protection.


As a teenager, Mr Low discovered new lizard species, one of which, Pygmaeascincus timlowi, was named after him. 


In 2002, Mr Low helped found the Invasive Species Council, with which he remains closely involved. He has been a co-editor of Wildlife Australia magazine, a columnist in Nature Australia magazine and a regular blogger for Australian Geographic.   


For his work, Tim Low AM was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to conservation, and to environmental education and awareness.   


Mr Low has also spoken at a number of international conferences, and has authored best-selling books on the environment and conservation, including Where Song Began, Feral Future, The New Nature and Wild Food Plants.  


He regards Feral Future as his greatest achievement.   


“Because of this book, and my involvement and encouragement, Australia now has a respected conservation group, working with government and the community to help Australia’s wildlife survive the threats poses by introduced animals, weeds and diseases,” he says.   


“My books, articles and talks have increased understanding of Australian nature and the problems it faces.  


“Since childhood I have thought of nature as amazing and deserving our respect … I have realised that most people don’t see it that way, so I made it my life’s work to try and promote greater awareness of nature and the pressures it faces.”  


Mr Low says he “experienced disbelief” when he heard about his recognition.  


“I would like to thank my partner Carol Booth for sharing the belief that the best life to live is one devoted to saving nature.”