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Receiving an anniversary message from the Governor-General

Australians can receive anniversary messages from His Majesty The King and the Governor-General for:

  • 50th wedding anniversaries (from the Governor-General only)
  • 60th, 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries (and every year after - upon application)
  • 100th, 105th birthday (and every year after - upon application).

If you did not receive a message for your 60th wedding anniversary or 100th birthday you can request one for a subsequent occasion (i.e. 61st wedding anniversary or 101st birthday). You do not have to wait until your 65th wedding anniversary or 105th birthday. For messages for anniversaries and birthdays after the 70th (anniversary) or 105th (birthday), a new application must be made each year.

How to apply

To arrange an anniversary message, follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather supporting documentation for the relevant birthday or wedding anniversary. The supporting document needs to clearly state the full name and address of those celebrating the anniversary, and the date of the anniversary.

Supporting documentation can include:

  • copies of birth certificates, passports or marriage certificates; or
  • a statutory declaration with the relevant names and anniversary details. Statutory declaration forms are available at any post office, or online from the Attorney-General's Department.

Step 2: Contact the electorate office of any Federal Member of Parliament or the office of any Senator for your state or territory, who will then arrange for the request to be submitted.

If you need to find the contact details for your federal parliamentarian click either Member of Parliament or Senator. You can search by Name, Postcode or Electorate.

Delivery of messages

Anniversary messages will be delivered directly to the recipient. If you require an alternative delivery arrangement, please note the circumstances on the application form.

Timing of message request

To give the best chance of the message arriving on time, you should arrange it no later than two months before the date of the wedding/birthday anniversary. 

If you are unable to submit the request this early, we will do our best to process the request in time but delivery by the anniversary/birthday cannot be guaranteed.

Even if you missed the anniversary date, you can request a message up to six months after the birthday or wedding.