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March 2021 - Bravery List

The Governor-General has announced Australian Bravery Decorations to recognise the courage and service to the community of 111 Australians.

The following decorations are being awarded:

Star of Courage                                             2

Bravery Medal                                              43

Commendation for Brave Conduct:            40

Group Bravery Citation:         7 (26 individuals)

“These awards recognise the courageous actions of individuals who, in a moment of danger or peril, chose to act. They were brave, they did not hesitate and their actions made a difference.

“On behalf of all Australians, I thank each recipient for their action and congratulate them on the recognition that they are receiving today.”

“Today’s recipients come from all sorts of different backgrounds, are of different ages and were confronted with very different situations. None of them set out to be brave or receive an award – they were confronted with a situation and they acted.

“They put their own well-being at risk to help others. They were not only brave, they were selfless.

“The stories of their deeds are remarkable and should inspire all of us.

“Some recipients are no longer with us. Their loved ones should know that Australia is both grateful and proud of their actions."