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Nominate a woman for recognition

Women were recognised with 354 awards (48%) in the Australia Day 2023 Honours List. This is the highest percentage of female Order of Australia recipients in an honours list since the introduction of the Australian honours system in 1975. 

But, as the Chair of the Council for the Order of Australia, Shelley Reys AO wrote in January this year, “We need to ensure gains are not lost and that the pipeline of nominations of women continues to flow to reach and sustain gender parity … encouraging both men AND women to nominate women will make a difference. 

“ … To be very clear, the only barrier to outstanding people being recognised in the Order of Australia is the absence of a nomination. 

“By nominating, we can all have a say in what sort of service and achievement should be celebrated. 

“If we as a nation want to see ‘more people like us’ reflected back to us through our honours system, we all need to be proactive by nominating those Australians who deserve our recognition.” 

More information on the nomination process is available here.