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3 January 2020 - Statement in relation to bushfires

As communities across the country face heightened threats from bushfires, the Governor-General is urging all Australians to listen to authorities, have a plan and act at the right time.

"Look after yourselves and those around you. Know that all Australians are thinking of you," the Governor-General said.

The Governor-General and Mrs Hurley visit NSW RFS Headquarters

"In our recent visits to towns across the country that have been affected by the bushfires, we have been amazed by the strength and spirit on display. People helping each other, supporting loved ones and strangers alike and - at the most dire of times - coming together. Agencies have been leading the response and recovery with skill, courage and commitment.

"It makes me proud to be Australian.

"We will continue visiting towns across Australia over coming weeks and months - on behalf of all Australians - to comfort those impacted, thank those who have responded and acknowledge the strength and spirit of our communities."