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Nominate someone for an award

The Order of Australia

Order of Australia investiture

Anyone can nominate someone to be recognised through the Order of Australia.

To nominate someone complete the online form. The form is easy to access and understand. Before beginning you will need to gather some key information:

  • The contact details of the person you are nominating
  • A short case of why/who you are nominating; including
    • Examples of how they have demonstrated outstanding qualities
    • What they have done to make things better for others
    • The role(s) or area(s) in which they have excelled
    • The period of time, or dates of service (if known)
    • Evidence of other awards or recognition received by the nominee
  • Up to four referees (including contact details)

You can also download an offline version of the nomination form.


Australian Bravery Decorations

Australian Bravery Decorations recognise people who, without thought of personal risk, displayed courage and bravery to protect or defend others.

To nominate complete the Australian Bravery Decorations Nomination Form. You will need to include:

  • The contact details of the person you are nominating
  • A description of the incident where the brave act occurred
  • Details of what the person you are nominating did; which could be supported by
    • Photographs of the incident or the place it occurred
    • Links to media articles or other information about the incident
  • If available, the contact details of any other witnesses to the incident
  • Your own contact details.

National Emergency Medal

The National Emergency Medal recognises service in response to a nationally-significant emergency. Nationally-significant emergencies must be declared by the Australian Government under the National Emergency Medal Regulations 2011. Current nationally-significant emergencies are:

  • The bushfires that happened in Victoria in February 2009
  • The floods that happened in Queensland during December 2010 and January 2011, and Cyclone Yasi;
  • Tropical Cyclone Debbie 2017; and
  • The floods that happened in North Queensland in January and February 2019.

Australian Defence Force members and units are not required to submit a nomination for the National Emergency Medal. A consolidated list of nominations will be provided by the Department of Defence.

To nominate someone, complete the National Emergency Medal Nomination Form. You will need to include:

  • The contact details of the person you are nominating, including the period of their service
  • Details of what the person you are nominating did
  • Referees able to verify the contribution or service of the person you are nominating
  • Your own contact details.