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Sculpture at Government House - "Coming Together, Moving Forward, Standing Tall"

“Coming Together, Moving Forward, Standing Tall” is a collaboration between BackTrack Youth Works, Adam Humphreys Sculpture and the Australiana Fund.

Thanks to the generosity of the Australiana Fund, BackTrack young people had the opportunity to work alongside Adam Humphreys, as well as local Australian Indigenous artist, Larissa Ahoy. Through this collaborative process, they mastered a variety of fabrication skills, unleashed their creativity and realised a common goal.

a group of people pose for a photo in a garden bed
Governor-General Hurley, Mrs Hurley, artist Adam Humphreys and the Backtrack team at the installation of the sculpture in 2023

About the sculpture

Coming Together symbolises the union of the Kangaroo and Emu through the Coat of Arms; a manifestation of our Australian identity. It speaks to how this project has brought the hard work, talent and determination of Armidale young people and artists to the nation's capital. Finally, it represents the value of belonging, which is at the core of everything BackTrack strives for.

Moving Forward acknowledges that the kangaroo and emu cannot move backwards, just as our country is constantly progressing towards a greater sense of fairness, equity, reconciliation and inclusion. Similarly, BackTrack believes that you should always focus your attention '80 per cent out in front'. We support young people to look beyond their past and instead chase their hopes and dreams for the future.

Standing Tall emphasises how Australia is a leader on the global stage and our collective pride in being part of this great nation. It also represents how all young people should be celebrated and treated with dignity, no matter what their life trajectory has been to date. BackTrack hopes that every young person who comes through our gates can experience a sense of pride in who they are and know that they are worthy of respect, love and integrity.

young people in red shirts and a man and a woman in business suits remove tan coverings from two metre tall statues
Governor-General Hurley, Mrs Hurley and the Backtrack team unveil 'Coming Together, Moving Forward, Standing Tall' in 2023