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Overseers cottage

Known as the Overseers Cottage and dating to the 1860s, this is the oldest surviving building on the property.

Frederick Campbell purchased Yarralumla from Augustus Gibbs in 1881. During the late 19th and early 20th century the overseer of the property, Richard Vest and his family lived in the cottage.

black and white photo of an old building with people gathered outside
The Overseers Cottage in 1910. On the front verandah (left to right), Roy and Elsie Vest,

Mr and Mrs Richard Vest, Darcy, Doug and Harry (foreground holding the horse)

During this period the property grew to 39,000 acres, grazing more than 40,000 sheep. 

A black and white photo of a man holding the reigns of a white horse
Overseer, Richard Vest - photographed in 1903

Today, like many of the buildings on site, the Overseers Cottage is used as offices for the Official Secretary to the Governor-General.