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Australian Fire Service Medal

Australian Fire Service Medal



The Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) recognises distinguished service by a member of an Australian fire service. 

The Australian Fire Service Medal was instituted in 1988 to recognise those who have rendered distinguished service as a member of an Australian fire service. It is awarded to both paid and volunteer members.

More information on the award can be found on the website and in the Meritorious Awards Booklet, which includes:

  • history, eligibility and nomination details
  • Letters Patent, Regulations and Determinations
  • images and descriptions of what each award looks like; and
  • guidance on how decorations are worn.


About Letters Patent, Regulations, Determinations, and Wearing

Each award in the Australian honours system has been approved by Letters Patent signed by The Sovereign on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The Letters Patent institutes the medal and determines that the medal is governed by the Regulations for each award.

The Regulations are approved by The Sovereign and set out the terms and conditions of an award including factors such as eligibility criteria and designations of the award.

The Regulations also authorise the Governor-General to approve the manner of wearing of each award and the design of the medal. This document is known as the Determination.

The Determination makes reference to the:

  • Order of Wearing of Australian Honours and Awards - this is the notification by the Governor-General of the order the Sovereign has determined each award is to be worn; and
  • Guide to the Wearing of Insignia - this is a detailed guide outlining the appropriate manner in which insignia are worn.

Letters Patent:

Australian Fire Service Medal Letters Patent 1988 - 12 April 1988

subsequent letters patent that amend the regulations:


Regulations Governing the Award of the Australian Fire Service Medal - January 2023

as amended by: