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Council for the Australian Bravery Decorations

The Australian Bravery Decorations Council is an independent advisory body that considers nominations for awards and makes recommendations to the Governor-General.

The Council meets twice yearly, usually in May and November, to consider nominations and make recommendations to the Governor-General for awards.

Community Representatives

  • Ms Teresa Hart PSM (Chair)
  • Dr Craig Challen SC OAM
  • Ms Heidi Gan
  • Mr Dennis Quick

State and Territory Governments Representatives

  • Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons AO AFSM (New South Wales)
  • Ms Vivien Allimonos (Victoria)
  • Ms Filly Morgan PSM  (Queensland)
  • Ms Carolyn Sladden (South Australia)
  • Ms Elenna Dionisio (Western Australia)
  • Commander Ronning-Burns (Northern Territory)
  • Ms Courtney Ingham (Tasmania)
  • Commissioner Georgeina Whelan AM CSC and Bar (Australian Capital Territory)

Ex-officio Representatives

  • Dr Paul Robards AM (Department of Defence)
  • Mr John Reid PSM (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet)

As at October 2022.