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Sculpture at Government House - Vajrasana meditation

Vajrasana meditation - Sculpture by artist Margaret Worth

With thanks to Margaret Worth and the ongoing generosity and support of The Australiana Fund.

About the sculpture and artist

A woman stands next to a sculpture
Margaret Worth with Vajrasana Meditation

The word ‘Vajrasana’ meanings Thunderbolt. It refers to the spring-like form of the base. The gesture of the form embodies repose and latent power combined- balanced and poised for action.

Margaret Worth likes to explore the aesthetics of air and light and feels they are key indicators of our environment and key influences on our culture, the art work is activated by the conditions surrounding it and it has a deep connection to the earth through it metal base, reflective stainless steel plates responded to wind, light and colour to create waves of energy through light and sound.

“We want Government House to showcase the very best of Australia.

“We do that, partly, through the events we host and the people welcome.

“Most of our events are a chance to put people up on a pedestal and say ‘well done’ or ‘you’ve achieved something great’.

“The sum of their stories should give us all enormous confidence for the future. We celebrate those individuals, in part, to shine a spotlight on their endeavours and encourage greater support.

“We also do it through the grounds and house itself.

“They are both a showcase of Australia – especially when we welcome visiting dignitaries – and a key part in the experience that we seek to provide to all our visitors.

“I want – we want – a trip to Government House to be memorable, to be special and to be something that visitors remember.

“The talent of artists like Margaret and the generosity of The Australiana Fund make that possible.”

Governor-General David Hurley at the installation of the sculpture