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Trees of Government House - Deodar Cedar

The Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) was planted in 1841. It is the oldest non-native tree on the grounds. If you live nearby and you’ve got a similar looking trees in your garden there is a good chance you have a little piece of Government House – most of the deodars in the region have grown from seeds collected from this tree.

The tree is 26m tall and the canopy has a spread of 28m. The trunk is nearly 2m wide and over 10,000kg of carbon is stored in the tree.

An old photo in black and white of a large white house in the distance and a single, very large tree in front of it
The Deodar Cedar in 1926 - when it was about 86 years old.​​​




An aerial shot o showing trees and a large white house with a lake behind it
Aerial shot of Government House, showing the size of the Deodar Cedar