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Meritorious Service Awards

Meritorious Awards recognise outstanding and distinguished service by public servants, members of an Australian police force, fire, ambulance, corrections, intelligence or emergency service, or in support of outstanding work with an Australian Antarctic expedition.

The Governor-General makes these awards on the recommendation of the responsible Ministers. Members of the public cannot nominate someone for a Meritorious Award.

Awards are announced on Australia Day and The Queen's Birthday weekend in June. The Australian Antarctic Medal is announced on 21 June.

The Meritorious Service Awards Booklet can be found here.

Eligibility Guidance

The Meritorious Service Awards were created to recognise those occupations that provide services for the community, particularly in times of emergency or disaster. Historically nominees are people whose current service is inherently more hazardous than most other occupations.

Consistent with the intent of the Meritorious Award regulations, people who recently worked on the frontline with prolonged exposure to hazard in the service of the community, and who are now using their frontline experience to support others on the frontline, can be eligible for a Meritorious Award.

Last updated April 2022

The Ambulance Service Medal



The Ambulance Service Medal (ASM) recognises distinguished service as a member of an Australian ambulance service.

Australian Antarctic Medal



The Australian Antarctic Medal (AAM) recognises outstanding service in scientific research or exploration in connection with an Australian Antarctic expedition.


Australian Corrections Medal



The Australian Corrections Medal (ACM) recognises distinguished service by an operational member of an Australian state or territory civilian corrections service for adults.

Australian Fire Service Medal



The Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) recognises distinguished service by a member of an Australian fire service. 

Australian Intelligence Medal - image


The Australian Intelligence Medal (AIM) recognises distinguished service by individual members of the ten organisations that comprise the National Intelligence Community.

Australian Police Medal



The Australian Police Medal (APM) recognises distinguished service by a member of an Australian police force.

Emergency Service Medal



The Emergency Services Medal (ESM) recognises distinguished service as a member of an Australian emergency service.

Public Service Medal



The Public Service Medal (PSM) recognises public service employees, including those of the Australian Government and state, territory and local governments, who have given outstanding public service.