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Council for the Order of Australia

The Council for the Order of Australia is an independent body that considers nominations for appointments and awards in the General Division of the Order and makes recommendations to the Governor-General.

There are 19 members including representatives of each state and territory, public office holders (ex-officio) and community representatives. The community representatives on the Council are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

The Council meets twice a year, usually in February and August, to consider whether each nominee in the Order of Australia has:

  • demonstrated achievement at a high level
  • made a contribution over and above what might be reasonably expected through paid employment, or
  • made a voluntary contribution to the community which stands out from other volunteers.


As at 1 August 2022:


  • TBC

Community Representatives

  • Mr Warren Mundine AO
  • Mr Rupert Myer AO
  • Professor Mathew Vadas AO
  • The Honourable Cheryl Edwardes AM
  • 3 x TBC

State and Territory Governments Representatives

  • Colonel Michael Miller RFD (New South Wales)
  • Mr Jeremi Moule (Victoria)
  • Ms Filly Morgan PSM (Queensland)
  • Ms Carolyn Sladden (South Australia)
  • Ms Kaylene Gulich (Western Australia)
  • Ms Jenny Gale (Tasmania)
  • Ms Kathy Leigh (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Mr Craig Kitchen MVO (Northern Territory)

Ex-officio Representatives

  • General Angus Campbell AO DSC (Chief of the Defence Force)
  • Ms Stephanie Foster PSM (Deputy Secretary, Governance Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet)
  • Senator the Honourable Katy Gallagher (Vice-President of the Federal Executive Council)