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Recipient profiles

Australian from all walks of life, of all ages, and who have done just about everything you can think of have been recognised through the Order of Australia. 

“They go above and beyond, are from all over the country, and contribute every day in every way imaginable. These are the people who see us through good times and bad. They’re the first to show up and the last to leave.

Governor-General David Hurley AC DSC (Retd)

Profiles - Australia Day 2024 Honours List

Majida Abboud-Saab OAM - for service to the Arab community, and to the media.

“Helping the Arabic community and women feel more Australian by understanding their obligations and rights, and evolving cultural beliefs and values to harmonise their belonging and identity as Australians has been the greatest impact of my work,”

Francis Acquah AM - for significant service to mental health care, and to the community.

“I have used my mental health nursing experience to reduce stigma and create awareness around receiving mental health support for the CALD and African Communities, Local Communities, both in Australia and overseas.

Richard Adams OAM - for service to the community of Mogo. 

"Receiving this honour ... it concretes that people are actually aware of how much you're doing, which makes you feel good."

Stephanie Armstrong OAM - for service to Indigenous health and education. 

"There are uncles and aunties who do a lot of work in the community, so being recognised by your peers and those that are in the community is really special."

Michele Bootes OAM - for service to surf livesaving.

"I decided I wanted to start a program for people with disabilities in the surf, because they were denied access to a movement that I was passionate about."

Sue Bowen OAM - for service to women, and to dragon boating.

“I have loved what I do, primarily as an advocate for the benefits dragon boating can provide to those going through a diagnosis. I personally have benefited from the tremendous support I have received, and friendships made, over many years through the sport of dragon boating."

Rosie Boylan OAM - for service to the creative arts as a milliner.

“I have devoted my working life to offering the best customer service as a Headwear Specialist. It's just what I do."

Emeritus Professor Leigh Burgoyne AM - for significant service to science, particuarly through the development of DNA technologies.

"These ceremonies really report to the community the fact that there is a lot of important things that people are doing."

Emily Carter AM - for significant service to the Indigenous community through social and economic advocacy and initiatives.

 “Throughout my working life I’ve demanded we lead by example, create innovative solutions and showcase ‘what good looks like’, lifting women up and providing them with a sense of hope of possibility.”

Professor Deli Chen AO - for distinguished service to sustainable agriculture, to Australia-China relations, to philanthropic endeavours, and as a mentor.

“I find fulfilment in tackling scientific challenges, working with young enthusiastic researchers, and enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange between Australia and China.”

Kyira Cox OAM - for service to softball.

"It’s a recognition of what I've already done, but it also gives me that drive to continue ... and to potentially try to strive for a little bit more."

Michael Fay OAM - for service to international relations, and to education. 

"[This recognition] is very important because ... this is a grass roots, bottom-up award that comes from the community, who say it is important."

Carmen Garcia AM - for significant service to multicultural community through diversity and inclusion advocacy and programs.

“My work has opened hearts, minds, and doors to the untapped potential of refugees and migrants nationally."

Helen Geard AM - for significant service to youth, and to the community.

“I want to make a positive contribution to my community and enjoy working and learning from a wide range of amazing people."

Richenda Goldfinch OAM & Ian Goldfinch OAM - for service to the community of Ravensthorpe.

"In a small community, recognition sets an example to others of how important it is to contribute and to be involved. Not much would happen in a country without volunteers!"

Sharon Hanlon AM - for significant service to the community through a range of organisations and leadership roles.

"I'm privileged to work with fantastic people - in South Australia, nationally and internationally - who are dedicated to making the world a safer place."

Johan (Hans) Hietbrink OAM - for service to the community of the Northern Tablelands Region.

“The enjoyment is being able to give something back to the broader community in exchange for the benefits I and my family have derived from living in our town.” 

Distinguished Professor Buddhima Indraratna AM - For significant service to civil engineering, particularly through infrastructure development, ground improvement and transportation geotechnics.

“The greatest part of enjoyment for me is when I see excited industry colleagues wanting to capture or trial our outcomes in real-life projects, so the ultimate satisfaction is to see that work adopted to influence change in current practices.” 

Steve Kidd OAM - for service to the theatre, and to education.

“What motivates me is love. I love teaching theatre skills and I love witnessing the development of young creative artists as their confidence grows and they start to back themselves and their ideas."

Nicholas Moore AM - for significant service to the aquaculture sector.

“It is a role of constant discovery and development. The ever-changing markets and production techniques are quite dynamic. While feeding, nutrition and aeration improvements are evolving almost annually, motivation comes with it all and it’s a privilege to be part of it. I love every minute.”

Professor Elizabeth New OAM - for service to science as a researcher.

“I think the greatest impact of my work has been in the students that I have taught, particularly my research group members who have gone on to have their own very impactful careers.”

Michael Patten OAM - for service to the community through a range of organisations. 

"Receiving this award has heightened my awareness of those around me who have done as much or more for the community ... I will certainly be nominating others in the future."

Margaret Pieroni OAM - for service to botanical art. 

“I have been inspired by my love of nature and have been privileged to use my skills, working with botanists to bring the beauty of our wildflowers to people to allow them to identify the species and in many cases, to grow and protect them.”

Shane Stedman OAM - for service to the surfing industry.

“Seeing the look on a young bloke’s face when he gets his new, often first, surfboard, especially if I have custom shaped it specifically for him, is my motivation,” Mr Stedman says. “The nature of my business has allowed me the freedom to go surfing almost every day!”

Colin Steele AM - for significant services to librarianship, and to digital information sharing. 

"The fact I've been recognised helps to promote the issues that I've been working on throughout my career."

Diana Taylor AM - for significant service to Australian rules football, and to the community of Geelong. 

“The greatest impact of my work in football has been to support the building of a game that changes people’s lives, and to provide women and girls with the opportunity to experience the games as equals.” 

Helen Walker OAM - for service to women through a range of roles. 

"Seeing these women get on with life and thriving is a real achievement."

Professor Fiona Wood AO - for distinguished service to plastic and reconstructive surgery, to medical research, and as clinician scientist and mentor.

“I think that the greatest impact of my work has been raising the profile of the impact of burn injury. This has driven change from prevention first aid in the community, to innovation and research seeking to improve recovery for life.”

Zeynep Yesilyurt OAM - for service to multicultural communities, and to women's affairs

“I find satisfaction in knowing that I contribute in some way to bringing people together and witnessing the pride that comes from celebrating and sharing their culture.”