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Angelica Poulos OAM and Efstratios Poulos OAM

For more than 40 years, husband and wife team, Angelica Poulos OAM and Efstratios Poulos OAM have been raising awareness of and funds for a range of community activities in the Northern Territory. 

For the past 20 years they have focused mainly on the Greek Language and Hellenic Studies program at Charles Darwin University (CDU). The program offers students an opportunity to study Greek language and culture. It is also conducting research to document the history of Greek pioneering migrants to the Northern Territory and Australia. 

Angelica Poulos OAM and Efstratios Poulos OAM

“It is contributing to the evidence base of the significant cultural and economic contribution that the Greek community has and continues to have to the NT and Australia,” says Mrs Poulos. 

“I am proud to be Australian of Greek heritage and that I grew up in Darwin, Australia’s most multicultural city.” 

“I love to share my culture. I feel I have been able to help further promote harmony, embracing the multicultural fabric of our society.” 

Mrs Poulos particularly likes to see the impact of learning on the university students in the program. 

“I grew up in Darwin at a time before there was a university here. It is so important to me that we support our university. Students tell me how much they have learned, the wonderful experiences they have had; I feel that I have been able to make a difference.” 

Mr and Mrs Poulos first met at the Hellenic Macedonian Association of the NT in 1977, raising awareness and fundraising for disability services in Darwin and forging a life-long commitment. 

They are proud Northern Territorians, who are also passionate about their Greek heritage, and honoured to be Australian citizens. 

“We have had so many opportunities. We take every chance to volunteer and give back,” says Mr Poulos. 

Mr Poulos says that for them both to be awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia is a great honour. “But this is a work in progress, work which has come from all of the community,” says Mr Poulos. 

They agree that community support for student learning opportunities is very important. “Universities cannot do this alone. Just as a community alone, without a university cannot achieve and prosper,” says Mrs Poulos. 

Both are committed to continuing their various fundraising and community work, including raising awareness of and providing services for local disability services. 

They want to thank all their friends and family in the Australia, the Northern Territory and overseas, the Greek community, and those at CDU who have supported their contributions.