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Dr Fergus Gardiner OAM

For more than 90 years, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia has ensured people in remote parts of Australia can access medical care when they need it most.   

Dr Fergus Gardiner OAM smiling

Dr Fergus Gardiner OAM is one of the team who plays a key role in delivering health services across the country and says he is driven simply to serve his community.   

He is particularly focused on, “influencing health promotion and disease prevention for people who are at the greatest risk, such as those with underlying chronic disease.”  

“Through collaboration and research, I enjoy supporting people and the health systems that serve them while also aiming to achieve equity in health policies.”  

“My work has enabled me to assist in the delivery of community-led programs which aim to improve the lives of those we serve. This was illustrated during the COVID-19 response where we were able to assist over 400 communities to access treatment and vaccinations.”  

Dr Fergus Gardiner OAM standing near Royal Flying Doctor Service plane

“Being able to impact health throughout Australia is a privilege.”  

“I was surprised and overwhelmed that I was being considered for this honour and very thankful for those who considered me worthy of recognition.”  

“I would like to thank my colleagues and community who have supported me throughout my career. Special thanks to my wife Elli and my children who went above and beyond in supporting me during a very busy COVID-19 response.”