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Ebenezer Banful OAM

Since coming to Australia from Ghana more than 30 years ago, Ebenezer Banful OAM has contributed to our community by improving understanding of African culture and values.    

“I want to continue the advancement of multiculturalism.”   

“And I believe my activities have helped to improve lives and has in a small way contributed to the betterment of the Australian society. “   

Ebenezer Banful OAM smiling at camera, wearing blue shirt

 “I enjoy helping people to achieve their potential. This comes from a deep sense of giving back to the community. When I see positive results such as people successfully meeting some of the challenges of settling into a new country - like finding affordable accommodation and employment - it gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing I have helped some people.   I hope this will inspire others to generously give of their time and resources to assist others.”  

Like many honours recipients, Mr Banful says he didn’t set out to get an award.    

“I do it for the love of it. But it is great to be recognised.”   

He thanks his family and the African communities for their ongoing support and encouragement.   

“As the saying goes many hands make light work. Working cooperatively with others leads to better outcomes. It helps with personal growth and may help in reducing stress.”