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Peter Blatch AM

It’s the dual nature of working at a global level through the scouting movement and seeing the local impact on the development of young people that keeps Peter Blatch AM committed to the scouting movement. 

“I enjoy working to make the youth development programs more relevant, exciting and inclusive for young people. There are programs covering personal safety, wellbeing, celebrating diversity, and empowering young people that are delivered all over the world.” 

Peter Blatch AM with scout group

“There’s also the challenge of building the capacity of adult volunteers, particularly in developing countries, to meet emerging needs. I enjoy working with others and get energy from helping others to achieve their goals.” 

Mr Blatch has worked with Scouts in his local community in Brisbane for decades and has also taken his skills and experience to international settings such as the World Scout Committee, as well as supporting programs in Nepal and Saudi Arabia. 

He was first recognised in 1998 for his contribution to our community with a Medal of the Order of Australia. Mr Blatch says he was very surprised to then learn of his nomination for further recognition to be appointed a Member of the Order of Australia.   

Peter Blatch AM in scout uniform

“My services were acknowledged previously in 1998 and I had never considered further recognition.  I was humbled and thought of the many others who I have worked with and were worthy recipients. It is difficult to comprehend I am being recognised for something that I love doing. “ 

“I have always had the constant support of family and friends and there are so many other people - professionals and volunteers who have worked with me to make the projects and activities achievable.  

“My sincere thanks to those who nominated me and especially those who have been part of our teams and supported us along the different journeys.”