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Dr Russell Scrimshaw AM

Dr Russell Scrimshaw AM has dedicated his life to having an impact and making a difference. His contribution across a range of fields has been recognised through his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia.   

Dr Scrimshaw is very grateful for his own life and he has been motivated by his family to give back to our nation and to Australians in need. 

Headshot of Dr Russell Scrimshaw smiling at camera

“Australia is a wonderful country and society, albeit with important challenges and issues.  I have taken great pride whenever I have been able to contribute and create something that improves the nation and which didn’t exist before; be it a new company, a research breakthrough, a helping hand program, or an innovative idea – whether in business or philanthropy.” 

“My business career has been in industries which have changed Australia for the better and added to our economic success, being technology, telecommunications, banking and mining. Charitable involvements have been similarly diverse, in medical research and fundraising, First Nations education, sporting bodies and crisis services for more than 25 years.”  

Dr Scrimshaw reflected on his parents’ legacy and the influence of those around them. “My parents had to work very hard from humble beginnings to raise their family. But I am also most grateful to my wife, Sue, family and friends who have had to tolerate my long hours focussed on things other than them.” 

He also acknowledges a series of life and business mentors.  

“In life we all need and benefit from personal leaders we can look up to and learn from and who show us the right way. In my life these people have helped to guide and shape my philosophies, achievements and work ethic. They know who they are and equally deserve the accolades.”  

“I hope I can continue to be a valued mentor now for younger people around me.”