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Recipient profiles - Australia Day 2023

Profiles - Australia Day 2023 Honours List

Dr Michele Allan AO - For distinguished service to the agricultural, food production and business sectors, and to tertiary education.

“My motivation for all my work is to ensure that the teams and organisations that I work with benefit from what I do … with the ultimate benefit being for the country."

Harry Allie BEM AM - For significant service to veterans, to Indigenous organisations, and to the community.

“I'm immensely proud, and particularly to be honoured in the way that I am, to ensure that we're moving forward. I am proud to assist our veterans, whether they be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or whatever. We all served together. (I want) to ensure that we're travelling well and to move on to the next thing and to have an enjoyable life.”

Inaam Barakat OAM - For service to the multicultural communities of Victoria

“Enabling others to achieve their dreams and aspirations, and witnessing the positive outcomes for individuals and their communities is rewarding,”

Michael Barnett OAM - For service to the LGBTQI community

“My efforts must have made an impact.”

Dr Sally Bryant AM - For significant service to wildlife and land conservation in Australia.

“I am honoured that conserving wildlife in lutruwita/Tasmania is being recognised nationally.”

Alexandra Cannon OAM - For service to business

“Remaining a positive, active contributor to society and a number of not-for-profits has been very rewarding.”

Dr Ernest Chan OAM - For service to the community, and to dentistry

“Being able to work with people from different walks of life has allowed me to service the communities with which I associated and I gained valuable experience that broadened my horizons.”

Kristy Chong OAM - For service to business, and to charitable organisations. 

“I also wanted to champion better conversations around bodily leaks, and to help people live a life within their own values and without limitations,”

Rosemary Curtis OAM - For service to the Indigenous community of Glen Innes

“I’ve been able to influence decisions that improve the lives of Indigenous people in the areas we work. Education, employment, refuge and cultural connection are all important.” 

Timothy Duggan OAM - For service to youth, and to sport

“I'm proud of impacting lives through the Hoops 4 Health model. Even though I played basketball at the top level in this country, I consider founding and sustaining Hoops 4 Health my biggest achievement.”

Patricia Ellis OAM - For service to the Indigenous community of the Eurobodalla Shire

“I am passionate about supporting my culture and community. I believe the best way to make positive change is by setting an example. I get immeasurable joy from being able to make a difference.”

Joseph Galea OAM - For service to the Maltese community of New South Wales

“I am humbled and honoured and would like to acknowledge my wife’s support and contribution as well. We have a lot to thank Australia for.”

Giles Gunesekera OAM - For service to social welfare, and to the community

“The recognition through an Order of Australia demonstrates that commitment, dedication and altruism are national values to be recognised and celebrated.”

Kylie Kwong AM - For significant service to the hospitality industry, and to the community.

“Community, collaboration and connecting with people through food is what motivates me. When we lean into community, the focus on ‘I’ and ‘me’ shifts to ‘us’ and ‘we’. Within this space, we experience the very best of humanity.”

Alice Lai OAM - For service to the Chinese community of Victoria

“I consider myself a more fortunate individual and would like to make some contribution to my adoptive home, the Australian community, and help the less fortunate.”

Barry Leech OAM - For service to people with a disability 

“To go to work every day knowing that I have made a positive impact on someone’s life is a great achievement, and treating every one of my clients as an individual, allowing them the opportunity to live their life to the fullest.”

Katherine Leeming OAM - For service to adventure sports

“This recognition through the Order of Australia affirms that my commitment to projects over the last 30 years is significant and appreciated at a national level.”  

Susan McCallum OAM - For service to veterans

“It is very humbling to know that my efforts are thought so highly of. Everyone in my life, my family, friends, veterans, have helped me."

Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare OAM - For service to media as a journalist

“Empowering others to own their story and speak their truth is at the heart of what I do,” says journalist Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare OAM. “As a migrant to Australia, I am grateful that my journalistic practice has found a home in a country that’s aligned with my values, and believes in what I do.”

Leanne Miller AM - For significant service to women's affairs, and to the Indigenous community

 “I have been delighted to take on paid and unpaid roles, which have evolved into some amazing policy and community contributions that benefit the wider community. I am especially proud of reports that examine the impacts of discrimination on women in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”

Selvarajah Muraledaran OAM - For service to the Tamil community of Victoria

 “I am proud of the fact that there are now children who can get to school, be properly fed, and resourced to focus on their studies. They were not previously able to do so. To have played a part in the establishment of these schools has been one of the great honours of my life.”

David Polson AM - For significant service to community health, through HIV education and advocacy roles

“I was motivated to help to improve knowledge of HIV … from that moment I pledged to help medical science raise awareness and knowledge, and to educate others about HIV/AIDS.” 

Narmatha Ravichandhira OAM - For service to the arts in music and dance

“It is a great honour and privilege. I would especially like to thank my parents, my family members, my esteemed gurus (teachers) and associates who have helped and guided me. And to those who thought my contribution is worthy – thank you too!”

Mrs Mary Seefried AM - For service to equestrian sports

“Australian officials who are educated under this system are well prepared to achieve international qualifications.  It makes it worthwhile that succession planning for the next generation of officials can flourish.”

Dr Michael Tedeschi AM - For significant service to medicine, particularly to people with drug and alcohol dependency

“My greatest contribution has been in educating medical students and other doctors about drug and alcohol dependency, so that they themselves have the tools to treat their patients well.” 

Paul Tunzi AM - for significant service to music as a pianoforte technician, and to professional associations

“I am profoundly humbled to be recognised for doing what I love doing. It’s a privilege to serve the creative arts that can bring so much joy and purpose to the community.