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Sunita Gloster AM

Using her skills and experience to contribute to catalysing change in society is what motivates Sunita Gloster AM. She is energised by the process of inspiring and galvanising people to act.   

“Marketing creates change and has the power to improve people’s lives and our planet. It’s a profession that comes with great responsibility."

Head shot of Sunita Gloster, smiling

In 2021, Mrs Gloster was part of making change through an advocacy campaign she had helped to create and launch for UN Women Australia. 

She could see how quickly the campaign built into a social movement, by asking one simple question that no Australian could ignore. 

“At the March for Justice in 2021 I saw a young woman carrying a placard on which she had written 'When Will She Be Right?’. That was our campaign line. Seeing our slogan with its cultural meaning and timely agitation run on TV and billboards and then resonate and be carried by people in the street reminded me of the enormous impact the media and marketing sector can and does have.  And how it can be a force for good.”  

“Truly powerful marketing uses empathy and emotion to connect. Making that kind of impact is why I love my profession.”  

As a change-maker, Sunita Gloster has a good pedigree. Her parents made a momentous change for their family in 1974 by moving to Australia.  

“My parents Betty and John D’Souza OAM brought me from India to Australia in 1974 after the final vestiges of the White Australia Policy were abolished, for the promise of a better life for me.  We left Bombay to settle in Mt Gambier. “  

“I can't imagine the courage that took. I’m so grateful for all the sacrifices my parents made for my future.”  

“And I must acknowledge the community of Mt Gambier, which 49 years later my parents still call home, for welcoming us into their lives and to Australia.”  

Mrs Gloster says it is a special feeling to be told that someone out there thought she had made enough of a difference to nominate her for an Order of Australia honour.     

“I have long championed the power of marketing. I love that this honour recognises the power of marketing as a force for good.”