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Pia Turcinov AM

If Australia is to advance as an innovative nation, we need to bring diverse voices to the table, to ensure the best solutions are provided. Pia Turcinov AM contributes significantly to this goal.    

“One of my greatest joys is using my voice to constructively change and advance the conversation around equality, diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to enabling greater participation of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields.”   

Pia Turcinov AM smiling at camera, wearing white jacket, with purple tinged hair

“Technology and innovation offer immense opportunities for more equitable participation in academia and industry, financial security and the empowerment of women. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone unleash their true potential!”  

By working within the science and technology sectors, Ms Turcinov aims to support more women to make meaningful connections and success as individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs.    

“My aim is to positively influence, change and elevate the conversation as a role model, champion and advocate, while opening doors, removing barriers and creating a safe, inclusive space for women. The greatest impact is showing what's possible!”  

Ms Turcinov says hearing of her nomination for an Order of Australia honour was a cause for reflection. “It really prompted me to consider my personal and professional journey, as well as my heritage and my parents’ journey as migrants to Australia in the early 1960s.”  

“It makes me immensely proud to call myself Australian.”  

A special thank you goes to her husband and three adult children. “They have been my greatest allies and supporters over the years. And the many, many wonderfully inspirational innovators, diversity and STEM champions who I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing, collaborating and working with.”   

“A very special thank you goes to the incredible Women in Technology WA network.”