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Costa Angelkov OAM

As a 14 year old child refugee fleeing war in Macedonia, and separated from parents and family for eight years, Costa Angelkov OAM was determined to succeed from a very young age.  

He came to Australia aged 22 in 1955, intent on doing his best for the Macedonian Community here, which was very small at the time.  

Costa Angelkov OAM smiling at camera

“I also wanted to ensure that I could do my best to raise a family and provide the highest opportunity for my children to be well educated. I feel very proud that my wife Aliki and I have succeeded in both aims and am particularly proud of the fact that all our children have been university educated and all my grandchildren of age have done so too.”  

Mr Angelkov says hard work and sacrifice have contributed to his being able to achieve his goals. “Whilst things were quite tough when I arrived here in 1955, I quickly realised that Australia is a land of opportunity and that those willing to work hard and think wisely and be frugal can succeed in laying the foundations for a great life for themselves, their family and their community.”  

He has worked with many people in the Macedonian Community of WA over the past sixty years. “Many of them are no longer with us. But I want to recognise and thank them and the current management committee for their tremendous voluntary effort over the years.”  

“When one puts their heart and soul voluntarily into an organisation, many sacrifices are made by your family when you are not able to attend or participate in important family events due to your community commitments. My family has understood and accepted this without any qualms.”  

“Our community has developed into a modern and vibrant one which caters for the social, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of Macedonians in Western Australia and has embraced the truly unique multicultural society that we are so lucky to have in Australia.”