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Mechel Pikoulas OAM

As Principal of Strathfield Girls High School, and a teacher for over 30 years, Mechel Pikoulas OAM understands what is needed to support young people to reach their full potential. 

Mechel Pikoulas, seated, smiling at her desk

“We need to empower the voices of young people, and nurture them to become service-inspired citizens who are ready to embrace and add value to community.”  

“As a passionate educator, the greatest impact of the work that I do is inspiring hope and self-belief in young people. It’s such a joy!”  

“I am always inspired by the optimism and generosity of young people. Being able to support some of our most vulnerable learners so that they can rise above disadvantage and hardship, realise their potential, and strive for personal excellence is always fulfilling.”  

Ms Pikoulas says there are many pathways to achievement and points to adventure-based coaching and enrichment programs “It’s an important way of reaching young people who might need a different pathway to build skills for their own success.”  

Humbled and honoured by her award of the Medal of the Order of Australia, Ms Pikoulas says, “I am extremely privileged to serve as a principal, growing our young leaders, partnering with exceptional parents and working alongside brilliant educators." 

"If I were to thank anyone, it would be the thousands of students who have given me such joy throughout my teaching career.”