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Bexon Whang OAM

Bexon Whang has devoted his time, energy and passion to supporting Korean veterans
living in Australia.

Bexon moved to Australia in the early 1970’s following a career as a pilot in the Korean Air
Force. He is the Patron of the Korea War Veterans Association of Australia (NSW Branch),
founding member of the Korean Veterans Association (Korean RSL) and is an Elder in the
Cheil Korean Uniting Church.

Bexon’s work within his community has now been recognised with a Medal of the Order of

Bexon felt honoured to receive this award and was strongly supported by his family.

“My wife is proud that I received this award. Her friends were interested in why I received an
OAM - she proudly responded, my husband is a Korean War veteran who has dedicated his
life to the relationship between Australian and Korean veterans.”

Since receiving his award in early 2021, Bexon feels people look at him differently now –
they look up to him.

“In the past people couldn’t understand my work within the Korean community, especially
Korean veterans. This has all changed, now people look to me for advice and guidance.”

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