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Coralie Amos OAM

Coralie Amos’ initially reacted to the news she was receiving the Medal of the Order of
Australia with disbelief.

“Initially I didn’t believe it because I just work in the community, I enjoy it - I love doing
what I do. When it all sunk in I was elated,” Coralie said.

Coralie was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List
for services to the community.

Ms Coralie Amos OAM poses with the Governor-General

Reading her list of service quickly makes it apparent that Coralie has spent her whole life
helping others. From the Australian National Museum of Education, Meals on Wheels, the
local hospital, to more than 37 years promoting golf as a healthy sport for women and girls
ant the club and district level, she has given her time and passion freely without seeking
recognition or reward.

“I just fell into most of it and because I love doing what I do and working with people … it
just happened!” she says.

Coralie says that the reaction she received after the award was announced was overwhelming.

“The emails and calls and cards I received were amazing.”

The Order of Australia exists to recognise people like Coralie Amos OAM – people that give
back to their community because they love helping people. Their actions, passion and
commitment exemplify the best of our community.

However, these people can only be recognised if they are nominated. Coralie was recognised
because someone in her community recognised her tireless work for others and nominated
her. Find out how you can nominate someone in your life.

Ms Coralie Amos OAM receives the insignia of her award from the Governor-General