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Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM

Mr Hashim Abdul Rahman, or Uncle Hashim as many know him, has been a very active member of the ACT multicultural, Malaysian and Muslim communities since the 1970s.

His commitment to multiculturalism and integrating new communities into Australia has been recognised with a Medal of the Order of Australia.

Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM serving at a community BBQ


Hashim has served in executive roles with a number of organisations including the Islamic Society of the ACT, the Australian-Malaysian Society, the Association of Malaysian Muslim Families (ACT), the Malaysian Students Association and the Canberra Council for Overseas Students. He was a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Canberra City for 18 years, its Past President & Paul Harris Fellow. He is currently the Inaugural Chairman of the Australian Multicultural Aged and Respite Care Cooperative (AMAR).

Hashim speaks with great passion for his work within the community and reflects on the impact he has made.

“In the early 70’s Canberra was a dead city, there wasn’t much happening. I had a few friends that said why don’t we do something to bring life to the city - so we started the Multicultural Festival. At the start there were only 4 or 5 countries involved but it has now grown into a three day affair and been taken over by the ACT Government.”

Hashim is widely known as a hands-on leader who gives generously of his time in bringing people together. He has also played an important role in organisations related to the Malaysian diaspora.

Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM chairing a meeting

Hashim didn’t expect this award and was shocked when he received the letter from Government House.

“The award I received isn’t just mine, I would like to share it with everyone who helped me along the way.

“Anyone out there who is a worker in the community, irrespective of what they do, if it is for the benefit of the community – please nominate him or her. They shouldn’t be providing their services unnoticed.”

Nominations can be made at any time, by – anyone – click here to find out more.

Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM at an Eid celebration