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Recipient profiles

Australian from all walks of life, of all ages, and who have done just about everything you can think of have been recognised through the Order of Australia. 

“They go above and beyond, are from all over the country, and contribute every day in every way imaginable. These are the people who see us through good times and bad. They’re the first to show up and the last to leave.

Governor-General David Hurley AC DSC (Retd)

Profiles - King's Birthday 2023 Honours List

Robert Ali AO - For distinguished service to medical and health research, particularly drug and alcohol dependence, and to education and training

“I wanted to contribute to reform processes across the health system, and to introduce and then scale up practices that are evidence-informed and cheaper and that, importantly, recognised people’s human rights.”  

Costa Angelkov OAM - For service to the Macedonian community of Western Australia

“Our community has developed into a modern and vibrant one which caters for the social, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of Macedonians in Western Australia and has embraced the truly unique multicultural society that we are so lucky to have in Australia.” 

Ebenezer Banful OAM - For service to the African community and to health

“I enjoy helping people to achieve their potential. This comes from a deep sense of giving back to the community. When I see positive results such as people successfully meeting some of the challenges of settling into a new country - like finding affordable accommodation and employment - it gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing I have helped some people."      

Peter Blatch AM - For significant service to youth through Scouting, and to education

“I enjoy working to make the youth development programs more relevant, exciting and inclusive for young people. There are programs covering personal safety, wellbeing, celebrating diversity, and empowering young people that are delivered all over the world.” 

Lindsay Bourke AM - For significant service to the beekeeping and honey industry, and to the community

"I am very proud and humbled to be recognised for the hard work and passion that I have put into the beekeeping industry.” 

Pam Brock OAM - For service to the community as a church bell ringer

“I love the teamwork involved, working together combining physical coordination and mental alertness to produce the unique sound of bells. It is inclusive, we have young and older members

Simon Chan AM - For significant service to multiculturalism, to the Indigenous community, and to the arts.

"I've loved helping to support and bring positive change to the lives of those in the arts, and in the Chinese, Indigenous and multicultural communities.” 

Moya Dodd AO - For distinguished service to football as a player and administrator at the national and international level, as a role model to women, and to the law.

“It's very important that people can question the status quo, ask how it got that way and have a say in how to improve it. In sport, it's important to ensure that it is safe and well-run - but also to enable sport to leverage its enormous capacity to improve society.”     

Imam Alaa Elzokm OAM - For service to the Islamic community

“I believe my work also contributes to the establishment of harmony, brotherhood, and sisterhood within the multicultural and multi-faith communities by highlighting our similarities and shared values.”  

Fergus Gardiner OAM - For service to medicine

“Through collaboration and research, I enjoy supporting people and the health systems that serve them while also aiming to achieve equity in health policies.”  

Claire Gazis OAM - For service to the Greek and Cypriot communities of Victoria

"I feel a purpose to share what I know so that everyone benefits. No request is too big or too small, I see the value in connecting with my community, learning, and growing together for collective joy and fulfilment.”   

Sunita Gloster AM - For significant service to the media and marketing industry, and to gender equality

“I have long championed the power of marketing. I love that this honour recognises the power of marketing as a force for good.” 

Dr Marianne Horak AO - For distinguished service to entomology, to taxonomic and phylogenetic research, and to philanthropic endeavours

“I am driven by curiosity, a love of nature, the excitement of field work throughout Australia, and the pleasures of exploring some of nature’s puzzles. It’s what brought me to this country.”  

Caroline Hughes AM - For significant service to the Indigenous community of Canberra

“The greatest thing for me is empowering others to discover what they have within themselves to achieve their dreams.” 

Carol James OAM - For service to the community of Goulburn Mulwaree

“Volunteering has many rewards, it builds confidence and skills, understanding and compassion. If we all give a little, we can help a lot.” 

Sharon Leonard OAM - For service to the community of Ravenswood

“Being an involved member in my neighbourhood and the broader local community has allowed me and many others to help more people than we ever could have hoped for.” 

Shellie Morris AO - For distinguished service to the performing arts, to the Indigenous community, and to not-for-profit associations

"I do what I do because I love it and am passionate about sharing culture through song and music. It's genuinely humbling to think that this value is being recognised."

Belinda Moss OAM - For service to education

“I gladly work on school boards. I am rewarded by seeing confident, empowered students graduate from school with the competence and self-assurance to shape their futures and contribute to society.” 

Noel Pearce AM - For significant service to cycling, and to community sport through a range of roles

“There is a great deal of support by all officials and they are by far the greatest group of officials I’ve had the pleasure to be associated with over the past 30 years. It reinforces the important role they play, as volunteers, in supporting sport in this country.”  

Mechel Pikoulas OAM - For service to education

“As a passionate educator, the greatest impact of the work that I do is inspiring hope and self-belief in young people. It’s such a joy!” 

Sonia Posenelli OAM -  For service to community health

"The enjoyment in the work, though, comes from actually solving problems, and the many collaborations that occur along the way, and from getting results!” 

Angelica Poulos OAM and Efstratios Poulos OAM - For service to the Greek community of Darwin

“It is contributing to the evidence base of the significant cultural and economic contribution that the Greek community has and continues to have to the NT and Australia,” says Mrs Poulos. 

Peter Rogers AM - For significant service to engineering, to education, and to the community

“I have always been driven to help others – friends, family, colleagues, our invaluable universities. I am full of gratitude to those who took the considerable time to nominate and support me for this honour.”  

Cody Schaeffer OAM - For service to you, and to the community of Queensland

“Being a part of the change that we are seeing in the support of young people, and particularly their mental health, has been rewarding and life changing for me.”

Russell Scrimshaw AM - For significant service to community health, and to business governance

"I have taken great pride whenever I have been able to contribute and create something that improves the nation and which didn’t exist before; be it a new company, a research breakthrough, a helping hand program, or an innovative idea – whether in business or philanthropy.” 

Will Sergeant OAM - For service to the LGBTIQ+ community of South Australia

“Being a member of a minority group brings with it the responsibility of engagement and activism. I delight in educating an audience in an entertaining way.”  

Jane Spring AM - For significant service to disability advocacy in sport, and to public sector administration

“There are very few people with disabilities in leadership roles in Australia. As a paraplegic person using a wheelchair, I am highly visible, but also privileged to be able to advocate for a more inclusive society.”    

Fay Stewart-Muir OAM - For service to the Indigenous community of Victoria

“I would like to thank the nominator from the bottom of my heart. I do not know who it is but thank you!” 

Dushy Thangiah OAM - For service to the community through social welfare organisations

“Community work runs in my blood. My mother and sisters are all in it. Working for the community gives me a real sense of purpose and keeps me grounded.”  

Barry Traill AM - For significant service to conservation and the environment in a range of roles

"The greatest outcome of my work with others has been to help keep people on the country, supported to care for it and all its nature.”  

Pia Turcinov AM - For significant service to technology and innovation, and to women in STEM

“My aim is to positively influence, change and elevate the conversation as a role model, champion and advocate, while opening doors, removing barriers and creating a safe, inclusive space for women. The greatest impact is showing what's possible!”