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Recipient profiles

Australian from all walks of life, of all ages, and who have done just about everything you can think of have been recognised through the Order of Australia. 

"In every honours list there are examples of selflessness, commitment and dedication. There is diversity and there are examples of exceptional achievement in almost every field imaginable."

Governor-General David Hurley AC DSC (Retd)


Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM - for service to the multicultural community of the Australian Capital Territory.

“The award I received isn’t just mine, I would like to share it with everyone who helped me along the way.

Coralie Amos OAM - for service to the community through a range of roles.

"Initially I didn't believe it because I just work in the community, I enjoy it - I love doing what I do. When it all sunk in I was elated."

Professor Emily Banks AM - For significant service to medical research and education.

“I think what’s really important is to recognise that public health works on a very large scale - it’s not the sort of thing you can do on your own. It only works if the community takes action and in that way, it is the ultimate team sport. The recognition that I have received is really recognition of what the community has achieved.”

Kerrin Benson AM - for significant service to the multicultural community and to refugee settlement.

“Those who migrated here, even second-generation migrants, they don’t always feel a sense of belonging. Receiving one of these awards as recognition for their contribution to Australia is an extraordinary way for Australia to say that ‘we’re really grateful for you.’”

Regula Black OAM - for service to veterans and their families.

“I do what I do because I enjoy it and I love being in the community – it’s just stunning to me that someone appreciates the work.”

Sarah Brown AM - for significant service to community health, to remote area nursing, and to the Indigenous community. 

“I think it is really important that stories that don’t usually get light on them, get told. And that people understand what a diverse, and creative and resilient country we are.”

Peter Crisp OAM - for service to the creative arts, particularly as a glass sculptor.

"Above all now having being a recipient, I understand and appreciate how important it is - it endorses what you do, in my case 40 years as an artist. This award has acknowledged that and encourages me to look around at peers and nominate."

Radmila Desic AM - for significant service to women in the construction industry, and to unemployed youth.

"This award has re-energised me and built confidence that I’m on the right path. If there’s anyone that you recognise as worthy, you should definitely put the time and effort in to nominating them. It is lifechanging and uplifting.”

Angel Dixon OAM - for service to people with a disability, and to social inclusion

“In those tough times, when you’re battling inequities and it’s really hard, it’s nice to know you’ve been recognised and it keeps me going. If you believe in someone’s work, you should nominate them. It can only amplify their message and help the work they do”.

Kathryn MacKenzie OAM - for service to tourism in regional Victoria.

“A job is more than a job – it’s about changing people’s lives. That’s why I encourage anyone to nominate someone for an Order of Australia Award – we need to recognise those people who haven’t been recognised in the past for the work they do."

Scott Saddler AM - for significant service to public administration, and as a supporter and mentor of Indigenous youth.

"There's amazing work been done across Australia in remote areas ... the community need to band together and say to this particular person 'you should be recognised.' "

Anthony Swan OAM - for service to the Sri Lankan community of Queensland.

“These are things you don’t expect, you just work with the community, I don’t do what I do for awards or accolades. This award goes to all of us community workers”.

Shantelle Thompson OAM - for service to the Indigenous community of Victoria

“To know that someone has seen the work I have done and to nominate me for much a prestigious honour – it was really humbling. I also found it really empowering to know that the work I am doing is valued and I can continue to do that work.”

Bexon Whang OAM - for service to veterans of the Korean War.

“My wife is proud that I received this award. Her friends were interested in why I received an OAM - she proudly responded, my husband is a Korean War veteran who has dedicated his life to the relationship between Australian and Korean veterans.”